Every Touchstone on EWCed features a carefully curated educational video paired with context and thought questions to get conversations started.

From independent learning to a flipped classroom model to classroom discussion, Touchstones are meant to be a flexible supplement for educators to use in a variety of ways!

Let’s give you a quick tour of how we suggest moving through a Touchstone!

( 1 ) Intro
We suggest you start at the top, to grab some context.

( 2 ) Video
Make your way down the page to watch the video.

( 3 ) “Why it Matters”
Once you’ve enjoyed the video you can check out the “Why It Matters” section. To connect the video to the wider world.

( 4 ) “Let’s Talk About It”
Follow up with some thoughtful questions to check comprehension and get a conversation started!

( 5 ) Sources, Thank You, & Citation
In every touchstone, we like to thank our authors and link you to the amazing creator of the video (if you really like them, make sure you take a second to take a look around their YouTube Channel or website). We also make sure to use an MLA citation for every video to make researching our sources easier!

( 6 ) Related Touchstones
Lastly, fall down a rabbit hole of more incredible Touchstones by taking a look through the related touchstones section!